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Cesenatico hosts the 46th edition of the International Easter Sails Regatta at Easter 2020, a classic event in the Romagna city that opens the sports season with a highly anticipated regatta.

Sails and crews from countries like Holland, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Italy take part in this spectacular regatta every year, which takes place on two regatta courses set up half a mile from the coast. A show especially for those who admire from the ground, with many colored sails that come together on the Romagna sea.

The 46th edition of the International Easter Sails Regatta is held in the sea of ​​Cesenatico in front of the Sailors Congregation from 10 to 12 April 2020.



April 28 - May 1: in the streets and squares of the center, Cattolica in Fiore, the 47th Exhibition of Flowers and ornamental plants, will be celebrated all day.
As per tradition, Cattolica is colored with flowers and plants of all kinds to start the summer. This year, next to the classic event of the flower markets, there will be a novelty that I will not reveal to you now. You can't miss it! As always, admission is free.



RiminiWellness is the largest event in the world dedicated to fitness, wellness, business, sport, physical culture and healthy nutrition, an event that includes all the major companies in the wellness universe under one roof: from manufacturers of machines for physical activity gyms, schools and trade associations, physical enthusiasts, passing through the relaxation SPA, rehabilitation sciences, dance, but also tourism and design.

The whole world is at RiminiWellness: operators, buyers and presenters make this fair an increasingly international stage with business meetings between companies.

28 - 31 MAY 2020, Rimini Fair and Riviera



The 13th stage of the Giro d'Italia 2020 will start from Cervia on Friday 22 May, it will be a 190 km long stage.
A rich calendar of events for the departure of the Giro da Cervia, a big party in the city.



San Leo and orange flags

San Leo still retains its inaccessible character, high on a huge limestone boulder in perpetual balance of nature, with the two human footprints, the village and fortress, occupying the space of the cliff. The fortress stands on the precipice and looks like a ship stranded on the rock; He was kept in the dark his secret locked up until his death the Count of Cagliostro (according to legend, creator of the famous liqueur). The village grew around a square with the civic tower, the noble palaces, the church of San Leo, with a splendid marble tabernacle in the sanctuary, and the Duomo (XII - XIII), close to the cliff and devoid of a true facade. Interesting art gallery, with works by Guercino and Caravaggio.

The "Orange Flag" is the eco-environmental quality label awarded by the Italian Touring Club to small inland towns that meet more than 250 strict valuation criteria and quality standards set by the Model Touring Territorial Analysis. San Leo boasts the "Orange Flag" from 2004, distinguished by high quality tourist offer, a land management respectful of local specialties, the scrupulous attention to the environment and innovative experiences of territorial development.


The Lighthouse and The Port

On the wide Boscovich promises the eighteenth-century lighthouse, a symbol of the Navy, which oversees the port-channel, a time stretch of the mouth of the river Marecchia. It was erected on the foundations of the old lighthouse built in 1754 and destroyed during the second world war, diverted to the north in 1972. And 'more than 27 meters high and has a light range of 15 miles.

The "shovel" of the port is a favorite destination of local people for a walk; it is from here that the sail fishermen with fishing boats of the "poveracce" (clams).
On the opposite side of the port channel develops San Giuliano Mare and Marina di Rimini, the new dock opened in 2002.

The extension of the piers, which began in the eighteenth century, has contributed to the expansion of the beach. The seafront towards Riccione constitutes the main axis of the seaside settlements, which have filled any remaining space between Rimini and Riccione.

Left to the port are located closely linked to fishing activities: from shipyards to machine shops, the wholesale fish market to the shops for boating.


The Salt Pans

The historical importance of Cervia is linked to its "gold white" and is documented by various testimonies. The saltern was established to Populating Animal Nature Reserve with a Ministerial Decree of 1979.

The Saline Cervia is a green oasis of 827 hectares, which has been preserved by maintaining flora and fauna typical of wetlands, that you can not see in any other natural environment. Among the "aquatic life" who routinely attends this environment are also many species of birds, waders and ducks both dive and surface, beautiful specimens that here you can easily observe in the appropriate season, along the banks or in the air on one side another of the salt. The plants of saline are known both for their remarkable beauty that for their culinary and medicinal properties utlizzate even today in herbal medicine, but also because they are "milking plant" lovely butterflies. Recall Salicornia, the vitriol of the sea, the porcelain of the sea, the sea lavender, the sea star, the autumn colchicum, Cornflower, asinine thistle, St. John's wort, the rennet, the mint, the melito, the milk of hen, the sagebrush, the blackthorn, the tamarisk.


The Boathouse

In the inner basin of the marina, it is home to the marina, while in the outer basin (the "dog", for the old sailors) there are the tourist ferries, a part of the fishing fleet, construction sites and maintenance services, and a modern airport tow.

The tourist port of Cesenatico, excellent compromise between tradition and innovation, is to be considered among the most beautiful marinas and characteristic of the Mediterranean.
To access the marina go up the canal harbor "Leonardo da Vinci" for about 500 mt. from the entrance and then veers to the right; particularly sheltered, the nautical base of Cesenatico is notoriously among the safest in the Adriatic.

The structure offers the possibility to easily moor boats up to 30 mt., Providing them all sorts of comforts, including a constant assistance by trained personnel, both during the day and at night throughout the year.


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